This book was kind of weird, but I really wanted to read it as a kid. 

      Travis Morrison has the perfect life. He’s a awesome diver, one of the popular kids at school, has Darla, the girl of his dreams;Emily, his kid sister who he doesn’t mind; and Cooper, his best friend.

     The four go boating on the fist day of summer vacation, and everything feels, and seems, perfect.  But when Travis tries to dive of a cliff, something goes terribly wrong. Travis thinks he broke his leg(which he did), but what the doctors discover is worse. He has osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. They end up cutting off his whole leg, to get rid of the cancer. He goes into remission, and everything finally seems ok.   But then, it comes back(of course it does, this is Lurlene  McDaniel after all), and Travis knows this time, he won’t go back into remission. He keeps getting worse and worse, which is hard on everyone he loves. So he asks his best friend, Cooper, to help him out with his final wish. Emily and Darla find out, and after a while, agree to help. But right before the big day, Travis has a seizure, which puts him into the ICU, and he;s connected to all these tubes and machines that are barely keeping him alive. His mom is one of those people who are like” No! He’s still alive. I won’t sign a DNR(he’s 17- too young to sign it himself). As long as he’s alive, there’s nothing I’m doing to him”. Then, as the epilogue, someone comes into him room, and injects something which kills him(his wish). They don’t tell you who does it, but you think(well, I do)that it was probably Cooper.


High/Low lights

– His final wish was to kill himself, because the last thing he wants is to die being hooked up to machines, and barely alive. To convince Cooper to help him, he goes online and finds all these websites saying”…it’s not suicide, it’s dying the way you want.” “…It’s your life, you should decide how it ends…” all that crap. I could so imagine his mom checking his history and seeing those websites.

-This is one of those books that everyone gets a couple of their own chapters, which is nice because you get to see everything from different points of view.

-So at the end, his sister, girlfriend, and best friend know about how he wants to die. I kept thinking someone would blab, but no one does. I can’t believe they all kept the secret. 

– Emily and Cooper have these crushes on each other, but don’t tell Travis because they don’t want him to make fun of them. But of course, he knew all along.

-Darla’s dad beats her and her mom because they aren’t geniuses, just those girls who are so-so smart, and have huge boobs. 

-Why won’t his mom sign the DNR? We all know he’s going to die anyway.

-Travis wanted to die by drowning himself, because he was a swimmer. I guess it isn’t the worst way to kill yourself, out of all the options.